Sell a Business

We understand that as a Business Owner & Seller your time is valuable. We ensure that we provide you with an efficient and organized process for selling your business that ensures you receive the maximum possible price and profit for your business. We do the hard work so you can continue to grow the business for the next owners.

We use the following steps to assist Owners looking to sell their Business in the GTA.

Step 1
Business Analysis & Packaging

The first step we take is we go over your business goals, normalize your business finances, analyze your operations and market value. We use the information to create an attractive package of your business that we present to our potential well qualified buyers.

Step 2
Determine the Appropriate Price for your Business

You have worked hard to grow and establish your business-we understand that. We determine the selling price based on your business revenues, financials, potential for growth, assets & liabilities, market condition/demand and the value of similar businesses in your industry. We use our sophisticated valuation process to find the best selling price for your business using our expertise.

Step 3
We Ensure Confidentiality during the Sale

We understand that keeping your business information confidential is important. During the selling process we provide you with a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) prior to discussing any details regarding the business financials or any other information involving the sale of your business. This ensures you that all things discussed will remain confidential between us.

Step 4
We Use a “Blind Package” to Advertise to our Qualified Buyers.

We first always approach our qualified buyers with your business package that does not reveal the name of your business, the address or any other information that may reveal it’s identity and compromise the Sale. This way your employees and the market is not aware of the sale unless approved otherwise.  Our buyers also sign a confidentiality agreement that ensures your business information is kept between us.

Step 5
We Assist in Communication of Information between the Seller & Buyers

During this process our experts answer the important questions our qualified buyers may have in regards to your business. Our team of Business Advisors, Legal, and Financial experts ensure all areas are covered so the information is transparent, clear and develops a smooth flow of conversation between the two parties.

Step 6
Our Experts Negotiate to Get the Best Offer

Our team of Business Advisors experts negotiate the best possible price for your business. We understand and appreciate the value of your business and to ensure you receive the amount you deserve, we use our best negotiating strategies using the information provided to us for a successful transaction.

Step 7
Due Diligence and Guide You Every Step of the Way

We are there every step of the way to perform our due diligence to ensure all possible scenarios are considered. During this process we look at all key factors relating to your finances, accounting, property/land and lawyers. For many business sellers it is there first time and we understand your trust in us to guide you safely through the process with transparent communication to ensure the deal is successful and we find you a buyer.