Buy a Business

Buying a business for the first time is a major decision that can be very intimidating and risky for most people. We understand. That is why our Business Advisors provide full transparency and cover all areas of concerns pertaining to financials, research, market value and the business. We assist our buyers with full confidence and expertise to make sure that this big decision is the right one for them.

We use the following steps to assist buyers looking to buy a profitable business. 

Step 1
Introduction & Information

We understand that as a Buyer you have a ton of questions and concerns about us and the business you are interested in buying. Before we disclose any information we like to have an introduction with you to find out your interest, what your working background/knowledge is regarding the industry you are looking to buy in and weather the business is a good fit for you. At this time you also get to ask as any questions or concerns you may have and screen us and our business values.

Step 2
Information Discussion & Business Package

Once you have decided that the business we are selling is a good fit for you, the next step is that we provide you with the business package containing the information of the business you are interested in. At this point we go over the information with you step by step so all your questions and concerns are answered. We ensure that our buyers fully understand the process and the business they are interested in prior to moving forward with the purchase.

Step 3
Information Review & Communication

We understand that keeping your business information confidential is important. During the selling process we provide you with a NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) prior to discussing any details regarding the business financials or any other information involving the sale of your business. This ensures you that all things discussed will remain confidential between us.

Step 4
We Use the “Blind Package” to Advertise to our Qualified Buyers.

We first always approach our qualified buyers with your business package that does not reveal the name of your business, the address or any other information that may reveal it’s identity and compromise the Sale. This way your employees and the market is not aware of the sale unless approved otherwise.  Our buyers also sign a confidentiality agreement that ensures your business information is kept between us.

Step 5
We Assist in Communication of Information between the Seller & Buyers

During this process our experts answer the important questions our qualified buyers may have in regards to your business. Our team of Business Advisors, Legal, and Financial experts ensure all areas are covered so the information is transparent, clear and develops a smooth flow of conversation between the two parties.

Step 6
Our Experts Negotiate to Get the Best Offer

Our team of Business Advisors experts negotiate the best possible price for your business. We understand and appreciate the value of your business and to ensure you receive the amount you deserve, we use our best negotiating strategies using the information provided to us for a successful transaction.

Step 7
Due Diligence and Guide You Every Step of the Way

We are there every step of the way to perform our due diligence to ensure all possible scenarios are considered. During this process we look at all key factors relating to your finances, accounting, property/land and lawyers. For many business sellers it is there first time and we understand your trust in us to guide you safely through the process with transparent communication to ensure the deal is successful and we find you a buyer.